Anonymous: At a student party/sleepover couples sleeping next to each other on the floor, I started rubbing my foot against a friends gf lying next to me and my gf. She took my hand put it between her legs. I fingered her and made her come. Neither of our partners were any the wiser. The next morning we just winked and smiled at each other.
Anonymous: I had an affair with a coworker in the military for 8 months. She used to climb on top of me on her couch after she had just finished skyping her husband who was deployed to Iraq. I used to stretch his wife out most days during lunch for 2 hours, got her to squirt too. I used to cum in her ass since she was on the pill. I was a solid 4 inches bigger than her Peruvian husband and she used to tell me all the time
Anonymous: I fucked a married woman on our way back from a deployment. A group of us went to the strip club and she never confessed she liked me until she started making out with me after buying me a couple dances. We went back to hotel, I fucked her all night till we left in the morning. Our group sat outside my room door listening as i did work. We still talk every now and then
Anonymous: I had an affair with a married woman for 9 months when I was22. Sex was awesome till her husband found out month six then it got wayyy better after she started seeing me again anyways. She used to wear outfits for me all the time and I would send her back home in a sweat from the "gym." She left me when i got cancer. We loved each other but she was a scared young soon to be single mom with apparently little character.
Anonymous: Me (16) and this guy (19) I met online invited me to his church. We went to the kids play area started making out, he sucked my nipples until they turned red. He fingered/ate me out, I was so wet I moaned and came uncontrollably! He put a condom on, fucked me rough while he softly grunts in my ear. I felt like I was about to cum again so I said "Don't stop!" He went faster. My body was clenching up. We came...I took his virginity but sadly he wasn't my first (my 3rd). Best church service EVER!
Anonymous: i was crying in homeroom the other day so this stoner offered me free weed in his car and then ate me out
Anonymous: I broke up with my ex-boyfriend (26) of 1 year, a day after my 17th birthday. Then 2 weeks later me and his best guy friend (38) hooked up in the parking lot of an abandon building. No protective. No pill...Fast forward, I'm 8 months pregnant and still with the guy.
Anonymous: Today my boyfriend n i were gaming, playing a silly little game, and i was on his lap, and we were being all silly and cute. And i was stuck on a certain part and couldnt get past, and he whispered in my ear: "to make it harder, see how you do with my fingers ramming into your g-spot" it was so hot and sexy, he just pulled my panties aside and slipped them in and it was so good, my head was flipping back and i was just whimpering in his mouth between kisses, i was practically riding his fingers
Anonymous: I lost my virginity in a movie theater.
Anonymous: i have to masturbate with sharpies cuz i cant get my hands on a dildo or a vibrator