Anonymous said: I'm the only female drum major at my school and the other two are really hot older guys. They both have girlfriends, but that doesn't stop them from flirting with me like its nothing. The junior drum major and I fool around all the time. And the other day at band camp the senior drum major fucked me in the fitness room during dinner break. Right after the three of us went out to eat like nothing happened. I feel bad because their girlfriends are so sweet but they're also really hot.

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Anonymous said: I'm a totally straight girl but I wouldn't mind kissing a really hot girl ;)

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Anonymous said: I masturbated in my grandmas bed while my family was home

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Anonymous said: I have this huge crush on my neighbor. He is so fucking hot! He has a wife and a kid coming soon. I always imagine having sex with him while i touch myself. He is moving in a few weeks which I am def. Not happy about!

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Anonymous said: I (18f) did my little sister's boyfriend (16) but I really don't feel bad. He's like 10 inches soo

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Anonymous said: In class I sat next to this one girl and we would play truth or dare. So when she finally said dare I told her to take off her bra for the rest of the class (which was like an hour and a half) so when she said dare again I said I dare you to let me touch your boobs whenever I want. Oops,

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Anonymous said: When my ex and I first got together, we had sex everywhere. In the woods on the walk to my house, around the back of a middle school, on his friend's couch during a big group sleepover... We almost fucked in a bus shelter on a busy highway on his 21st birthday, but my bus came to soon.

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Anonymous said: one time my boyfriend was really mad at something so i said take it out on me in the bedroom. holy shit it was the best sex i've ever had

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Anonymous said: My boyfriend and I were walking down a public path in the woods and he told me he was feeling horny and wanted to fck. We didn't even go off the path, he just pulled my pants down and faked me doggy style till he pulled out and came all over a tree. No one was close enough to see but I could hear people down a ways.

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Anonymous said: When I was 15, my sister had a hot friend (18) at the time. Every time she came to stay, I'd find an excuse to hang with them. One night they fell asleep and I woke up her friend and convinced her to kiss me under the sheets. Without asking, she went down and put her mouth around my super hard cock and gave me my first blowjob. It was the most amazing thing ever, but it never happened again. Every day I wish I could have asked to see her big breasts

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