Anonymous: Had sex for money with three guys when I turned 18, because I wanted to buy slutty clothes my BF wanted me to wear.
Anonymous: I fucked this guy a few times last summer. Today he wanted to come over and give me a weed brownie and weed lollipop, of course I said yes. Then after he had handed them over, he tried to fuck. Instead I kicked him out. Lol.
Anonymous: Today my sugar daddy and I got coffee and then made out on a bench. The bench was in front of my university's gym. I hope no one I know saw me...oops.
Anonymous: I'm a freshman in college and I've been sexting this guy from high school for a while now. I visited home a few weeks ago and we fucked in my car. He's 15 which I know makes me sound really desperate but the sex is really good. I'm visiting home again in a few weeks and I told him I'll fuck him again.
Anonymous: I (15f) found out my bf got head from some other girl at a party. I was mad and to get back at him I texted one of his friends to give him head. It was just to get back at him and I was just gonna suck this guy once but he is HUGE like way bigger than my bf and I couldn't even get it all in my mouth and I got so damn horny so I let him fuck me. It was SO GOOD I never came like that before. That was like a month ago and it's happened five other times, I wanna say no but I just can't stop myself!!
Anonymous: I went to visit my boyfriend in college and within 5 minutes of getting there, he kicked his roommates out of the room. He took my clothes off, and jumped on top of me. We tried all the positions we had never tried before. By far the the best sex we have ever had. The amazing sex totally makes long distance worth it.
Anonymous: I was house sitting at a close friend's house because her family was out and she was on a trip with her friend. And she's like a sister to me because we've known each other since we were in elementary school but she's a year older than I. So anyway, I got an unexpected surprise when she got home a day early and we kinda chillaxed for a bit and then one thing led to another and I ended up fucking her on her bed and she was making so much noise it was the hottest thing ever.
Anonymous: When I was 14(m) my mom was dating this guy. Well he had a daughter that lived in another state with her mom. So of course she came her to visit and when I saw her I feel in love. She was so fuckin hot. She stayed for a week and we made out that's it. But then a couple months later she came back to visit. When both of our parents went to work we fucked on there bed. It was amazing! We fucked atleast 30 times. Too bad our parents broke up. I'd still be fuckin her to this day.
Anonymous: Today at school, I met my boy in the library. When we're there we usually just kiss and feel each others bodies. Today he said he wanted to go farther. We both sat down, he put his hand down my pants and fingered me for a good 10 minutes, controlling my moans is so difficult. "Now return the favor for me, my little sex slave." I put my hand down his pants and jerked him off for a while, followed by a blowjob. I feel really accomplished because he loves it when i deep throat and came in 5 minutes
Anonymous: A guy ate me out in my bestfriends bed at her party and literally everyone there walked in but we didn't care or stop